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Lipid profile parameters and oxidative processes intensity in the persons who have been affected by low doses of radiation

V. L. Sokolenko, S. V. Sokolenko

Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy, Ukraine;
e-mail: sokolenko@ukr.net

Received: 10 October 2018; Accepted: 14 March 2019

The aim of the work was to analyze the relationship between the main parameters of lipid metabolism and the intensity of oxidative processes among the inhabitants of the territories contaminated by radionuclides as a result of the Chornobyl accident. We examined 50 persons from the control group and 50 persons from the territories of strengthened radioecological control (density of soil contamination by isotopes 137Cs 3.7∙104–18.5∙104 Bq/m2, 50 persons). All examined were the students aged 18 to 24, who had no acute illnesses during the study. We determined the parameters of lipid metabolism, oxidative processes and antioxidant system. A positive correlation of all analyzed lipid metabolism parameters (except for HDL-C) with MDA, ceruloplasmin and the index of oxidative stress was discovered. The highest values of correlation coefficients with oxidative stress indices were observed for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Under the conditions of additional emotional stress, the correlation coefficients between the main lipid metabolism and the intensity of oxidative processes increased. Persons who lived for a long time in areas contaminated with radionuclides form the risk group for the development and progression of inflammatory processes. The risk increases under the influence of additional factors of a stressful nature.