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Toxocariasis in children with digestive system diseases

K. T. Hlushko*, H. A. Pavlyshyn

I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University,
Department of Pediatrics No 2, Ternopil, Ukraine;
*e-mail: glushko_kt@tdmu.edu.ua

Received: 29 January 2022; Revised: 29 September 2022;
Accepted: 01 October 2022; Available on-line: 19 December 2022

Toxocariasis is common among children and causes digestive diseases. The aim of the work was to study the development of toxocariasis in children with digestive diseases. The serum levels of specific IgG to Toxocara canis and Ascaris, levels of IL-4 and TNF-α were determined in 63 children. In addition, tests for parasites and a retrospective survey in order to assess sanitation and hygiene practices were conducted. All children were divided into two groups: group I includes 19 (30.2%) patients seropositive for toxocariasis, and group II – 44 (69.8%) children without any parasites. The level of IL-4 was higher in group I (18.0 ± 6.4 pg/ml) than in group II (7.2 ± 2.0 pg/ml) (P < 0.001. While the level of TNF-α did not differ significantly between groups I (4.5 ± 2.1 pg/ml) and II (3.6 ± 1.1 pg/ml) (P > 0.05). A higher incidence of Toxocara was observed among rural residents (78.9%). Children with toxocariasis more often had soil-pica (42.1%), played with dogs (100%), and did not wash their hands (84.2%) compared to the group of uninfected children. It was noted that hygienic habits and place of living contribute to Toxocara canis infection. IL-4 levels were considerably higher in group I than in group II that can be accounted for the host immune response activation, at the same time, the levels of TNF-α did not differ. Children without toxocariasis had also increased levels of IL-4, which may be related to past helminthic infection.