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Markers and regulatory mechanisms in ovarian carcinoma

S. Ya. Paryzhak, O. I. Yakubets, Z. D. Vorobets

Lviv Danylo Halytsky National Medical University, Ukraine;
e-mail: vorobets@meduniv.lviv.ua

Оvarian carcinoma is one of widely spread malignant diseases of female reproductive system. Mortality rate from it is much higher than from other female malignant diseases. During last 20 years the level of ovarian carcinoma in Ukraine and vast majority of other countries remains high manifesting­ no signs of decrease. This arouses interest of researchers­ to development of new methods of early diagnosis, therapeutic approach, prognostic criteria, especially biochemical ones, and means of prophylaxis of this pathology in medical scientific society. At present there are no specific diagnostic tests which would allow revealing the tumor on the initial stages of its development. In spite of vide arsenal of tumor markers­, the only reliable test for ovarian carcinoma is determination of antigen СА 125. The results of basic modern research are discussed in this survey. They are aimed at finding out regulatory mechanisms connected with metabolism of L-arginine, activities of ATP-hydrolase systems and searching new markers of ovarian carcinoma. The main possible candidates for this role are determined.