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The effect of melatonin on lipid peroxide oxidation, oxidative modification of proteins and mitochondria swelling in the skeletal muscle tissue of rats under alloxan diabetes

I. V. Gerush, V. V. Bevzo, Ye. O. Ferenchuk

HSEI of Ukraine “Bukovinian State Medical University”, Chernivtsi, Ukraine;
e-mail: yelena_f@ukr.net

The aim of the investigation was to study the effect of melatonin on of peroxide lipid oxidation, the oxidative modification of proteins and the mitochondria swelling in skeletal muscle tissue of rats under alloxan diabetes. The intensification of free radical processes in the mitochondria skeletal of muscle tissue of the diabetic rats was accompanied by an increase in the content of thiobarbiturate-active products and in the oxidation process of proteins mitochondria. It was manifested by the decrease in the content of free SH-groups and the accumulation of carbonyl derivatives. The light scattering of the suspension of mitochondria decreases that evidences for their swelling. So, the mitochondria swelling was found to be associated with the increase of thiobarbiturate-active products and the decreased content of free SH-groups in the mitochondrial fraction of the muscle tissue of diabetic rats. Melatonin has a corrective effect on the processes of free radical oxidation of lipids and proteins of mitochondrial fractions and on the intensity of swelling of mitochondria.