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Inhibitory effect of benzimidazole derivatives on cholinesterases of animals in the presence of different substrates

N. E. Basova, B. N. Kormilitsyn, A. Yu. Perchenok,
E. V. Rozengart, V. S. Saakov, A. A. Suvorov

Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry,
Russian Academy of Science, Saint-Petersburg;
e-mail: roz@iephb.ru

Specifically synthesized group of benzimid­azole derivatives possessing varying degrees of delocalization of the positive charge in the cation group of the molecule has been studied in order to search for potential cholinergically active compounds and to study the role of the Coulomb interaction in cholinesterase catalysis. These compounds were reversible inhibitors of cholinesterase (ChE) of human erythrocytes, horse serum, brain of the frog Rana temporaria­ and visual ganglia of the Pacific squid Todarodes pacificus in the presence of acetylthio­choline iodide and propionylthiocholine iodide as substrates. The differences in the nature of reversib­le inhibitory effect were observed. The effect of the inhibitor structure and substrate nature, specific for each of the studied inhibitors, on the character of the process of reversible inhibition was found.