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Peculiarities of antioxidant defense system in erythroid cells and tissues of pigs under action of chromium chloride

R. Ja. Iskra, V. V. Vlizlo

Institute of Animal Biology, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv;
e-mail: iskra_r@ukr.net

The influence of CrCl3 in the amount of 400 mg Cr/kg of feed on antioxidant defense in populations of erythrocytes, erythroid bone marrow cells and tissues of pigs was studied. The increasing of the antioxidant defense of swine organism, as evidenced by the increase in superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activity in the fractions of “young” erythrocytes, was shown. Superoxide dismutase activity decreases, while glutathione and catalase activity increases in the erythroid cells of the bone marrow after of CrCl3 action. Oxidative processes are intensified in the liver of pigs of the experimental group, in contrast to other tissues, leading to the increase of content of TBARS-products, growth of superoxi­de dismutase activity and reduction of glutathione peroxidase activity. At the same time, the action of CrCl3 in other tissues activates antioxidant system, including the kidneys, lungs and myocardium, increases superoxide dismutase activity, and catalase activity in the spleen and kidneys. A decrease of content of TBARS-products and reduction of superoxide dismutase activity, as well as the increase of katalase activity and reduction of glutathione content were discovered in the skeletal muscles of pigs of the experimental group. As a result of research it is suggested to add CrCl3 to the diet of pigs to enhance antioxidant defense during their intensive growth.