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Cellular fatty acid composition of Aeromonas genus – destructor of aromatic xenobiotics

T. V. Gudzenko, O. G. Gorshkova, N. V. Korotaieva,
O. V. Voliuvach, А. М. Ostapchuk, V. O. Іvanytsia

Оdesa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine;
e-mail: tgudzenko@ukr.net

Received: 17 September 2018; Accepted: 13 December 2018

The aim of this study was a determination of the fatty acid composition of cellular lipids and identification of the strains, isolated from the wastewater of pharmaceutical production, – the destructor of aromatic xenobiotics. The phenotypic characteristics and cellular fatty acid (FA) composition confirmed the strain belonging to the Aeromonas ichthiosmia with the similarity index of library data MIDI Sherlock – 0.564. Analysis of the cellular FA composition of the strain Aeromonas ichthiosmia ONU552 was carried out using the MIDI Sherlock microorganism identification system based on the gas chromatograph Agilent 7890. Chromatographic analysis showed that the fatty acid profile of the strain Aeromonas ichthiosmia ONU552 contains 26 fatty acids with the total number of carbon atoms from 10 to 18. 85.27% of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids had unbranched structure. The total content of unsaturated fatty acids – 16:1 w7c/16:1 w6c, 18:1 w7c, 16:1 w7c alcohol, 17:1 w8c, 17:1 w6c, 16:1 w5c, was 50% of the total fatty acid pool. Less than 1.5% branched fatty acids were predominantly in the iso form: 13:0 iso (0.20%); 15:0 iso (0.97%); 17:1 iso w9c (1.35%), 17:0 iso (1.49%); in the anteiso form, only one acid 17:0 (0.27%) was identified. It was shown that the characteris­tic of the fatty acid composition of the strain Aeromonas ichthiosmia ONU552 – the destructor of aromatic xenobio­tics, was the presence of hydroxyacids 12:0 3OH, 15:0 3OH, 15:0 iso 3OH and dominance of hexadecanoic (16:0) and hexadecenoic (16:1 w7c/16:1 w6c) of fatty acids.