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Influence of heavy metal salts on the activity of trypsin-like hydrolases from Drosophila melanogaster

I. L. Ryzhko, N. V. Motruk, S. A. Petrov

Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Ukraine;
e-mail: kira_ril@mail.ru

The influence of salts of heavy metals on trypsin-like peptide hydrolase of drosophila larvae partly refined by methods of salting-out, gel chromatography and electrophoresis has been researched. It is established that cadmium chloride is characterized by the greatest inhibitory effect, while zinc chloride by the lowest one. Since metal chlorides were used in all cases, it is the differentiated effect of metal ions on manifestations of amidase activity of trypsin-like peptide hydrolase of drosophila larvae, which rather may be considered as proved than the effect of chlorine ions. This, as a whole, agrees with the effect of these ions on proteolytic digestion system at the level of live organisms.