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Identification of protein fractions of milk cows casein complex

А. V. Iukalo

Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, Ukraine;
e-mail: biotech@tu.edu.te.ua

To date, dozens of biologically active peptides formed during proteolysis of casein fractions have been discovered. The use of these peptides is closely related to the necessity of their rapid identification. The aim of this work was the development of an electrophoresis system for rapid identification of individual fractions in serial studies and the separation of the milk casein complex. Considering the abnormal nature of the interaction of caseins with the sodium dodecyl sulfate and similar values of their molecular masses, the anode electrophoresis system in a homogeneous polyacrylamide gel was taken as a basis. Caseins, in this system, are separated according to their charge and located on the electrophoregram in accordance with the modern classification. Urea was used as a disaggregating agent in gel. It was shown that the use of Studier type apparatus for electrophoresis with changeable dimensions of electrophoretic chamber significantly reduces (to 45 min) the time for identification of casein fractions. This method may be useful for rapid identification of casein fractions, as well as for rapid analysis of natural milk and milk products.