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Role of multidomain structure of urokinase in regulation of growth and remodeling of vessels

V. A. Tkachuk1,2, O. S. Plekhanova1, I. B. Beloglazova1, E. V. Parfenova1

1Russian Cardiologic Research-Production Complex,
RF Ministry of Public Health, Moscow, Russia;
2Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow
State University, Russia;
e-mail: plekhanova@mail.ru

Urokinase type plasminogen activator, or urokinase (uPA), is a multifunctional protein which plays special regulatory role in the vascular wall and can actuate the proteolytic and signal cascades. The authors’ results and literature data concerning the role of urokinase in remodeling blood vessels and angiogenesis are summarized in the paper. At the present stage urokinase may be conside­red as a promising target for the effects directed to prophylaxis of restenoses, to preventing of negative remodeling of arteries­, stimulation of vessels growth under the ischemic diseases and suppression of angiogenesis under oncologic diseases.