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Changes in content of glycolipids, sphingosine and cytokines in the rat brain with experimental edema

G. V. Zakaryan

M. Heratsi Yerevan State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia;
e-mail: gayane.zak@gmail.com

The study of the content of cerebrosides, gangliosides and their hydrolytic degradation product­ – sphingosine in the rat brain with experimental edema was carried out. In parallel, the cytokine profile of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines in the blood of rats with experimental cereb­ral edema was studied.
The experiments indicated that a decrease of the total fraction of glycolipids and an increase of sphingosine content in the brain of rats with brain swelling were observed. The development of brain edema was accompanied by the increase in pro-inflammatory and decrease in anti-inflammatory cytokine content.