Ukr.Biochem.J. 2013; Volume 85, Issue 5, Sep-Oct, pp. 105-113


Peculiarities of arginase and NO-synthase pathways of L-arginine metabolism in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with ovarian cancer

O. I. Yakubets, R. V. Fafula, D. Z. Vorobets, Z. D. Vorobets

Danylo Halytski Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine;

The peculiarities of arginase and NO-synthase pathways of L-arginine metabolism in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with ovarian cancer were studied. It was shown that the development of cancer pathology is associated with an imbalance in the NO synthesis in blood lymphocytes. The reason for such imbalance is the activation of arginase and inducible isoform of NO-synthase (iNOS) and significant inhibition of its constitutive isoform. The analysis of the kinetic properties of NOS of blood lymphocytes of patients with ovarian cancer was carried out. It was shown that the affinity constant of iNOS affinity for L-arginine is 5.4-fold lower than for eNOS of blood lymphocytes of persons in the control group. The inhibition of eNOS occurs via non-competitive type and is related to the reduction of maximum reaction rate.

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