Ukr.Biochem.J. 2018; Volume 90, Special Issue

FEBS3+ Meeting – XIth Parnas Conference – Young Scientists Forum “Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for Innovative Medicine”

Pre-Conference Workshop
Plenary lectures
Key-note lectures
Young Scientists’ Talks
Symposium I. Intracellular signaling
Symposium II. The biochemistry of the cell
Symposium III. Cell signaling in cancer
Symposium IV. Ligand-receptor binding in cell functions
Symposium V. From cell to organism
Symposium VI. Molecular biology of bacteria and viruses
Symposium VII. Metabolic engineering in the construction of the advanced biotechnological producers
Symposium VIII. Studying biology in single-molecule resolution
Symposium IX. Biochemical mechanisms in disease
Poster Session I. Biologically active compounds
Poster Session II. Biotechnology
Poster Session III. Cancer studies
Poster Session IV. Clinical studies
Poster Session V. Medicinal biochemistry
Poster Session VI. Metabolism regulation and pathology
Poster Session VII. Molecular biology
Poster Session VIII. Proteomics
Abstracts without presentation

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