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Influence of semicarbazide on the peroxidation processes and Lewis carcinoma growth in mice

L. M. Petrun

Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;
e-mail: petrun@biochem.kiev.ua

Effects of various doses of semicarbazide on Lewis carcinoma metastasing and peroxidation processes in С57В1 mice have been investigated. In the animals with inoculated Lewis carcinoma, the semicarbazide in the dose of 1/120 LD50 had practical influence on the tumour growth and inhibited the metastasing into mice lungs (P < 0.05). Importantly, this dose significantly inhibited the formation of free radicals and active forms of oxygen against the background of decrease of the aldehydes level that was related to the acceptor properties of the drug.