Ukr.Biochem.J. 2014; Volume 86, Issue 5, Sep-Oct, pp. 74-81


Dynamics of thrombin-induced exposition of actin on the platelet surface

A. A. Tykhomyrov

Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;

Platelets play the key role in thrombosis and are also involved in angiogenesis as well as immune and reparative responses. In the function cascade, platelets undergo a complex cell processing, and subcellular fragments, not detectable in the resting state, are exposed on platelet surface after stimulation with agonists. This study has been performed to evaluate dynamic characteristics of actin exposition on the surface of plasma membrane of thrombin-activated platelets. Using flow-cytometric assay, it has been observed that the level of actin presented on activated platelets directly depends on agonist concentration. In the case of platelet stimulation with thrombin in the highest concentration (1.0 U/ml) taken for this study, the level of actin exposed on activated platelets was up to 4.4 times higher as compared with resting cells. Confirmation of the flow cytometry data for cell-surface actin on thrombin-activated platelets was achieved by direct visualization using a confocal laser scanning microscopy. Period of actin exposition appeared to be longer than the time phase corresponding to platelet secretion stage. Functional role of platelet surface actin has required further detailed studying, however, it is thought that superficial actin could interact with various blood plasma proteins, including plasminogen and its activators, serving as a binding site and/or center for their pericellular processing.

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