Ukr.Biochem.J. 2012; Volume 84, Issue 4, Jul-Aug, pp. 49-53

Effect of N-stearoylethanolamine on the DNA fragmentation intensity in tumour and extratumoral tissues of the human adrenal cortex

N. I. Levchuk1, V. M. Pushkarev1, O. I. Kovzun1,
A. S. Mikosha1, N. M. Gula2, M. D. Tronko1

1State Institution V. P. Komisarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism,
National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;
2Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;

The effect of different concentrations of N-stearoylethanolamine (NSE 18:0) on fragmentation of DNA in the tumoural and extratumour tissues of the adrenal glands in vitro was studied. In this work the following types of tissue were investigated­: extratumoural tissue from patients with hormonally active tumours, benign tumour tissue (hormonally active and hormonally inactive), tissue of malignant tumours and hyperplasic tissue of the adrenal glands (Itsenko-Cushing disease). It has been established that the NSE increases the intensity of DNA fragmentation only in the tissue of hormonally inactive tumours. Benign hormonally active tumours, malignant tumours and hyperplastic tissue of the adrenal glands were resistant to the NSE. The possible mechanisms of resistance to the drug are discussed.

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