Ukr.Biochem.J. 2020; Volume 92, Issue 5, Sep-Oct, pp. 155-160


A new view of RNA: the 1989 discovery by Sidney Altman and Thomas Cech

M. V. Grigorieva*, V. M. Danilova, S. V. Komisarenko

Palladin Biochemistry Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;

Received: 23 June 2020; Accepted: 25 June 2020

The 1989 Nobel Prize Laureates in Chemistry Sidney Altman and Thomas Robert Cech made one of the most important discoveries in molecular genetics. Independently of each other, they demonstra­ted new experimental evidence that RNA molecules can not only transmit information from DNA but, in certain conditions, have the enzymatic (catalytic) properties too. As it turned out, the functions previously attributed exclusively to protein enzymes can be also performed by RNA called ribozymes. Later, ribozymes became a new tool in genetic engineering­, biochemistry, biotechnology and medicine.

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