Ukr.Biochem.J. 2018; Volume 90, Issue 5, Sep-Oct, pp. 5-18


Biochemical aspects of the combined use of taxanes, irradiation and other antineoplastic agents for the treatment of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma

V. M. Pushkarev, O. I. Kovzun, V. V. Pushkarev, B. B. Guda, M. D. Tronko

SI V. P. Komisarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism, NAMS of Ukraine, Kyiv;

The review summarizes the results of the cycle of own research and literature data on biochemical mechanisms of combined action of taxanes with γ-irradiation and other antineoplastic agents on one of the most aggressive types of human cancer – anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Antagonistic interplay between taxanes and irradiation at the level of apoptotic mechanisms and regulators of the cell cycle are discussed. The effectiveness and prospects of using low concentrations of taxanes and low doses of fractional γ-irradiation are substantiated. Attention is paid to the role of inflammation and its key factor – NF-κB in the genesis of thyroid carcinomas and their treatment. Directions for further research are outlined.

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