Ukr.Biochem.J. 2024; Volume 96, Issue 1, Jan-Feb, pp. 22-36


Kinetic regularities of thiacalix[4]arene C-1087 inhibitory effect on the activity of Mg(2+)-dependent Ca(2+)-transporting ATP hydrolase in the plasma membrane of smooth muscle cells

Т. О. Veklich1, О. V. Bevza1, О. V. Maliuk1*, S. О. Kosterin1,
R. V. Rodik2, S. H. Vyshnevskyi2, V. І. Kalchenko2

1Palladin Institute of Biochemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv;
2Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Received: 05 November 2023; Revised: 04 January 2024;
Accepted: 01 February 2024; Available on-line: 26 February 2024

The experiments with the suspension of plasma membranes of myometrium cells, treated with 0.1% digitonin solution, were used to study kinetic regularities of the inhibitory effect of tetra-N-phenylsulfonyl trifluoroacetamidine-thiacalixarene (С-1087) on the activity of Са2+,Mg2+-ATPase. The studies demonstrated the impact of C-1087 on the cumulative effect and the maximal velocity of ATP hydrolysis. No effect of С-1087 on the affinity between Са2+,Mg2+-ATPase, and АТР, affinity and cumulative effect of Ca ions and activation coefficient for Mg ions was revealed. A considerable decrease in the maximal velocity of ATP hydrolysis evidenced a complete non-competitive mechanism of inhibiting Са2+,Mg2+-АТРase activity with thiacalix[4]arene С-1087. Computer simulation demonstrated that thiacalix[4]arene С-1087 inhibiting effect on Са2+,Mg2+-ATPase may be conditioned by the cumulative effect of four spatially oriented N-sulfonylamidine groups on the upper rim of its macrocyclic platform.

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